New Blog Rising

Well, thanks to the Internet demons and destroyers of databases, my old blog died and was buried earlier today.

Welcome to the new one!   More tales of gardening, recipes, canning and preserving, parrots, wacky ideas, excerpts from my books and works in progress, guest posts, my thoughts on book formatting and cover design…anything goes.

In case you’re totally new to the name T.M. Roy–allow me to introduce myself. I’m a writer of science fiction/fantasy, some sci fi romance, and sundry other things. I also design books, ebook and print, inside and out. I garden. I flock with parrots. I fight for the rights of honeybees and sustainable agriculture.  I doodle, I draw, I paint–in pixels now, but years ago on canvas and other media. I love small airplanes. My friends call me Terry.

So, welcome to my world, and I hope you like bungee cords. Hanging out with me is kind of like being on a four way bungee cord, you never know if you’re going to go up, down, sideways, forth, or back!



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