Work continues on more JTN

I am still continuing (slowly) to work on the JTN sequel and prequel. I recently revamped the original version of the sequel, which was a normal sized novel (120K words) and it’s taking on the proportions of another multipart epic. I may let it run, because I rarely try to control my story once it takes off with the bit between its teeth. I only start taking control if it starts to wander in circles.

Also in production, a Prequel. Throughout Convergence, Gravity, and Stratagem, snippets of Rett’s past are revealed.  References are made. I started from the first time she lost control of the unusual strength she inherited from her mother: when a local bully provoked Rett’s little sister, Ariam, into danger and Rett lost her temper and laid into him.

I once had the first three chapters of this Prequel up (and illustrated) on my old blog. I’m thinking of doing the same again. Maybe for my birthday (coming in Febrrrrrruary!).



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