My Plant-based Reboot

There’s a lot of news about embracing a plant-based lifestyle recently. And while this might sound like a fad to some, it’s health and life to others. I started going mostly vegetarian with some vegan periods mixed in toward the end of October 2014.  I did it because I read people were living healthier lives and that many diseases seemed to be halted or cured in the process.  That they dropped prescriptions meds in favor of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a few choice supplements.

I was recently diagnosed with Fibromylagia. After a long time (since I was a teen, actually) of living with chronic pain and muscles that twisted into painful spasms after exertion, thinking maybe I didn’t drink enough water, get enough electrolytes, or do enough exercise (hello, I used to be physically active from sunup to sundown and beyond, and I still had doctors telling me “exercise more and it will get better.”)  Nothing made me better. Even losing weight ( still need to lose more) didn’t help the chronic pain or the horrible cramps that followed exercise, but it did make it easier for me to do things.  The plant-based life is supposed to help with that, too. We’ll see!

Already, I notice a difference. I recover faster from crippling flares. My muscle cramps are all but gone. The persistent exhaustion is getting better. I do not miss meat. It’s more of a challenge to come up with creative meals composed entirely of plants, nuts, and whole grains, but it’s a delicious challenge.  Here’s hoping that clean eating will help me get to the point where I feel like I can attend a convention or even go grocery shopping without coming home and feeling crippled for hours afterward.



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