Gone with the Pen Names

I don’t know why I thought I ever needed them. Maybe it was because I never thought very favorably of my given name. (I can still hear my mother screeching, “Tear-REEEEss-sah!” in her Eastern Pennsylvania accent.)  So even when I grew up and told everyone in no uncertain terms to call me “Terry” (no “i”, please), I still shied away from publishing with the name people called me.

But suddenly, I’ve decided that it’s okay. I’m well over the half-century mark, and it’s all right. It’s time to ditch the pen names. I mean, it wasn’t as if I was writing porn or erotica. (I tried. I couldn’t. LOL.) Someone said pen names were a good idea if you wrote in different genres. Maybe if I first published in SFF and had a HUGE fanbase, and suddenly switched to standard romance, that might be true. It worked for Nora Roberts. But I know for sure I ain’t Nora Robers (aka J.D. Robb). I’d rather follow Anne McCaffrey’s example. Now there was a writer who dabbled in everything. Nonfiction. Mainstream fiction. Family sagas. Romance. Romantic suspense. Fantasy. Science-fiction fantasy. You name it. But she kept her real name on everything. As she was one of my main inspiriation and still one of my all time favorite authors, yeah, I’ll follow her example and fling my everyday name out there proudly. Terry Roy!

So, I am coming out of the closet. (Also a story I wrote, under the pen name Shamara Tourmaline, later Sharona Troy. But the title “Out of the Closet” had nothing to do with the popular context of that idiom. As that story is no longer in production at this time—it doesn’t matter what it was about, does it? Heheheh.) Shamara Tourmaline, Sharona Troy, T. M. Roy, Terran Moffat—-all becoming my regular name, Terry Roy.  I am slowly updating covers, cover pages, and book sales information pages.

And there you have it. Hello, world. I’m Terry Roy. And I write (and tell) all kinds of stories.


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