Cover Reveal: Carakenne: A JTN Universe Novella



This is a retelling of the events in “Small Packages” from Gravity, Journey to Nyorfias, Book 2. Instead of reading from Sergeant Rett’s (and her “invisible friend” Pam’s), and Lieutenant Evetez’s points of view, we get to experience the mission from the point of view of the character that actually saved the day.

Carakenne is based (like most of the Nyorfias characters) off several people I know–but one in particular the most. I worked with her back in the 80s. Cara’s habit of saying “Uhh-hmm!” (usually with emphasis) is just one of those characteristics.

Carakenne will be available for sale soon at the usual outlets.  A short excerpt follows!

* * * * *

With Jayord still on an alert lookout, Cara ghosted farther down the railpath, every twenty paces placing a palm-sized corrosive pod snugly against the thick conduit. And finally, near the end of the section, the last target waited: the control panel for the fire doors.

A normal power failure wouldn’t cause these heavy doors to close, but Carakenne would make sure it did. Since the panel was just out of her reach, she stood on her toes, grabbed the power feed conduit, and chinned herself up. Hooking one arm over the conduit, she jammed her knees against the wall for extra stability and stretched her free arm to its fullest extent to place a signal-activated corrosive pod inside the panel. Whew. Now to get out of here.

Her feet were no sooner safely back on the surface than Cara heard Jayord tense. She angled herself so she could see him and waited.

Sounds and voices carried well in the tunnel. She flattened to the curved wall, knowing that their camo paint and the unique material of their uniforms blended them to virtual invisibility. She didn’t dare move to even glance at her chrono, but according to the time she was counting off in her head, they had to be back on top in seven minutes. If that squad gets close enough to see the ones we tagged, things can get really sticky. We’ll be trapped down here with them, most likely.

Jayord slid along the wall. Following, trusting him to clear the path ahead, Cara kept her primary attention and weapon in the direction of the squad’s voices. Upon reaching the loading area, Jayord boosted Cara up through the ceiling panel. She hooked her legs around a metal strut, leaning out so he could grab her arms. Hanging upside down, she lacked the physical strength to pull him up as a dead weight like this. She could hang on enough to let him climb over her, and if something happened to him and she had to get him out by herself, she would. Brute strength wasn’t the only way to move someone bigger than she was.

His boots hardly cleared the screening when a shout reached them…

* * * * *

Note: This isn’t a standalone novella, I highly recommend at least reading the first two books of the trilogy first.


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