Produce waits for no one…

Despite an increased issue with shade this year, my garden is doing well. I have bountiful chard, had a good onion harvest, tomatoes are slowly coming along. The biggest issue are the pepper plants, which this year didn’t want to grow at all. I think the issue was a combination of cool weather early on and too much shade. Next year I’ll grow peppers in grow bags in the hottest, sunniest part of the yard I can find.

It’s hard not having a regular job. Many people think authors just rake in the cash. Well, my take for the past five months has been around fifteen dollars, total. I made more selling jam at the farmer’s market than I have in seven months of selling books lately. Of course I suck at marketing, and I suck at asking people to help spread the word if they enjoyed the stories. So I’ll ask any fans reading now: please help and tell people if you liked my stories! 😀

I’ll be too busy with garden, canning, and doctor appointments (three this week) to write for a while. I’ll try to get another excerpt up soon!


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