Chaos, crisis, and a new Nyorfias Universe story

Haven’t posted in a while. Tons of stuff going on, lots of doctor visits, one family crisis after another, including a suicide attempt by my brother in law. Needless to say things have been topsy-turvey. My living situation is going to change, too. I need to go back to work-work to afford to live on my own again because I’m not going to get any disability, it seems. (Apparently fibromylagia, intense chronic back pain, and a bad knee that needs replacement doesn’t count for much.) But oh well!

There is good news. My writing slump is gone. Somehow crisis brings me out of it and becomes an outlet for me to emote and work out my feelings about a lot of things. I can apply my emotions and the emotions and actions of those around me to people I see (including myself) going through simiiar things.

So what happened? At the end of JTN3, a new character gets a mention. In original drafts she had a slightly larger role to play, but she was downgraded on the advice of an editor who didn’t think I should bring a new character in at the end of the trilogy, even if she was going to have more of a role in the sequel.

Zharre wanted to tell her story, so I gave in and wrote Kyarta Girl, a short novel which will be a bridging story between the first trilogy and the sequel, which may or may not be a trilogy. 😀 It is in alpha review right now.

Kyarta Girl is a little different from the other stories at this point because it’s written in a first person POV. It parallels events in the story section “Stratagem” in the book Stratagem, JTN 3 and merges in at the end, setting up for the first sequel story, Sleeper.

Here’s the blurb for Kyarta Girl! Let me know what you think.

Kyarta Girl
A Nyorfias Universe Novella

My world ended on the Day of the Screams.

I don’t know where I am, except that it is terribly cold here, deathly cold. My memories are damaged. I don’t understand the language. Enslaved to the same enemy army that invaded my home, I wear their uniform and serve as an orderly and snowsled pilot to a brutal officer.

I’m twelve years old, but my world and everyone I loved has been gone for two hundred years. I live in a nightmare. There is no escape except for death or capture.
I would welcome death rather than face one more day with the commander.

Maybe I’ll get my chance.


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