Happy Hatchday to my Little Green Buddy

I am owned by two parrots: one I’ve had since he was four months old, and the other I adopted from a rescue. How I came to have birds is another story all on its own but suffice it to say, before my eyes were opened, birds were… just birds. Dogs, horses, and other animals were way more important and worthy. Boy, was I missing out…


Apple, my Quaker Parrot!

Now I can’t imagine being without them in my life. My eyes were opened to a whole new world. A new way of communicating. A new form of communion, for as silly as it might sound, I believe birds are telepathic and every once in a while there’s that connection between us. This isn’t telepathy in words, as I write it in my books. It’s more a random flash of insight or a mental image. And I know it’s initiated by the bird–not by me. Before my Apple Parrot was Birdie the Sparrow–and it was Birdie who was the light of my life and my joy and a hole in my heart remains to this day where Birdie used to live.

Apple, my Quaker Parrot (aka Monk Parakeet) helped heal my soul after Birdie’s traumatic passing in 2006. From his sweet Good Morning (followed by racous squawks until I uncover him in the morning) to his meltingly cute “Nite nite kiss kiss kiss love you” at night, Apple fills my days and keeps me busy. So does Sir Hugo the Naked, my rescue Senegal. But while Sir Hugo is dignified and not very cuddly, Apple likes to be with me constantly snuggled up against my chin and neck when I am relaxing, on my shoulder for everything else. He’s preened my eyebrows, licked my tears, and has sat quietly listening to me when I had no one else to talk to.

So today, my sexy green buddy turns ten. If he stays healthy, he has another three decades to look forward to and can likely outlive me! Happy Hatchday, Apple. I really don’t know what I’d do without you, buddy!


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