Summertime blues

Does anyone else get really depressed in the summer? I know I do. It’s hot. It’s humid. NO thunderstorms to make it worthwhile. I didn’t even have a garden this year since I’ve been looking to get a job and my sister wanted to do the gardening. So, that drive and dedication I had the past few years to go outside no matter what and take care of my plants, squish Japanese beetles, preserve the harvest, all that is missing.

Add in all the BS going on in the at home life.’

The other day I said I wished it was winter already. I am happy when I can go outside and not sweat when I am standing still.

Ah well. It’s almost over… winter starts early in Minnesota. If I dare to say:

And I am looking forward to it. 😀


One comment on “Summertime blues

  1. I’m sorry your summer has been so disappointing, especially on the gardening front–I know how much you enjoy that. Hope the job hunt has been yielding some fruit and although I hate to think about winter yet, fall should be glorious (weather-wise, at least).


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