Updates to JTN Series, Books 4 and 5

2kyartagirlKYARTA GIRL, Book Five in the JTN Series, needs some love! If you’ve read this story, please leave a review at Goodreads or Amazon (or both.) Even if you didn’t like it so much! Zharre is a returning character in the sequel and some of the people and events in this story tie into what happens next. I hope JTN fans will read  and review it! Right now it’s available only at Amazon and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read for free.

carajtn4 CARAKENNE has been updated to reflect its position as Book 4 in the series, even though it is short. Carakenne becomes a returning character in the sequel and this is a fun insight into this shy, wonderful, complicated character. I added a bonus short story at the end—referred to in this story and in Small Packages, Carakenne’s story section in JTN 2 Gravity. Remember when Cara asks Rett if she ever fell out of a tree, and Rett promises her that she’ll tell her the story some day? Well, the new extra story is THAT story, Just An Ordinary Divert and Decoy (original title Hide and Seek). 😀

Work is still being done on the sequel as well as the prequel, which will number books 6 and 7 in the series. I’m going to post an excerpt from each very soon.


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