JTN series (Journey to Nyorfias) SFF/Action


A jaded soldier.
An eclectic dreamer.
A neophyte Guardian thrown against an ancient and powerful foe.
In the Balance, the life and death of a solar system…

Book 1 Convergence

Rett’s known nothing but warfare since her seventeenth year. Now, with the long war at a critical turning point, she finds herself distracted by a dimwitted alien mindforce from some planet called Earth who thinks that Rett’s daily brushes with death are part of a realistic dream. And just when she starts attempting to deal with the alien in her head, her platoon is assigned a technical advisor: a defected Enemy trooper who claims he is madly in love with her. Can Rett learn to cope, and keep her ego-merge a secret without losing her mind–and her life–in the process?

Available in pixel and print.

Amazon, BN, Kobo,  and iTunes

Book 2 Gravity

 Sergeant Rett is yet unaware of the motivating forces behind the long war in the Nyorfian system, much less her role as a Player in a game of gods. All she knows is that once she and F-troop arrive on Epnoce with the rest of the 2023rd, a harsh climate and heavier gravity are the least of her concerns. Pam is gone–just when she could use the support the most. Jaq wants a transfer. Ariam is acting evasive. Her longtime best friend Evetez seems to be doing all he could to get her in serious trouble–and succeeding brilliantly. All she needs now is a close encounter with an old nemisis from the past…

Available in pixel and print.

Amazon, BN, Kobo, and iTunes

Book 2.5 Carakenne

A Nyorfias Universe Novella. IWhen a mission goes terribly wrong, leaving most of her unit incapacitated and vulnerable, the task of damage control falls upon the shoulders of a new arrival to Sergeant Rett’s platoon: a shy, brilliant, night-blind, and small-statured soldier with an affinity for explosives and a love for all things science and technology.


Book 3 Stratagem

In the wake of the enemy’s masterfully executed surprise attack on Aurora Base, Easy Force endures a perilous march through a life-threatening storm. Sgt. “Killer” Rett can take on any physical challenge — but can she survive close combat with an alien superbeing on the battleground of her own mind?

Available in pixel and print.

Amazon, BN, Kobo, and iTunes


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